HEMPCOIN – The new digital Currency

THE HEMP COIN (€THC) is a new digital currency created for the Irish Hemp Industry.

HEMPCOIN is an initiative by the Irish Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) and its members.

HEMPCOINS enable you to purchase products on Irish Hemp websites without the need to use a credit card or make a bank transfer. Unlike regular cryptocurrency, HEMPCOINS do not loose their value, HEMPCOIN = 1 cent

We reward you with Hemp coins each time you make a purchase on Hempture.ie. The Hemp coins can then be used on the website for future purchases. Each product purchased on our website will earn you a certain amount of Hemp coins, see individual product for full details.

A new customer will also earn hemp coins automatically when they sign up for an account on Hempture.ie

FULL DETAILS: https://hempture.ie/hemp-coin/