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Hempture Mini Franchise


The sun is coming, the markets at back!

Our products need no introduction. Consistently over the last 5 years the HEMPTURE tents at various markets around Ireland have always been the most busy by far! Cannabis is VERY popular these days. 

Ireland’s  oldest CBD producer.

Our story began in The Republic of Ireland where the modern incarnation of Hempture was founded in 1999.

Dating back generations Hempture have been involved in cultivating hemp in Ireland. Our farming history dates back to the early 1900’s in Ireland. In 2015 Hempture released the first ever CBD product in Ireland. We started the first official steps of production of CBD oil on the 18/05/2015. The first ever Wicklow Hemp crop used for production of CBD made history in Ireland. Since then we have built Irelands best know Hemp company and Irelands oldest CBD producer – Hempture.

The herbal medicine we produce is all natural, no herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers have been used in the process whatsoever. The plants have been strictly grown organically under EU restrictions. All the crops we use for Hempture products have been tested and are 100% organic.

In 2016 we became Irelands first IIHA APPROVED (Irish Industrial Hemp Association) hemp companies.

Today Hempture still remains a family run business that has quickly evolved in recent times with over 40 employees, and a large network of local suppliers and partners worldwide. In conjunction with our co-op partners went  grow over 2500 acres of hemp within worldwide. We currently operate Hemp processing facilities in Ireland,

Start a Hempture franchise at your local market or start selling online!

Hempture actively looks for exclusive Franchise Partners with vision and ambition. Hempture wants its Partners to invest every day in the essence of the Hempture brand – customer service and added-value solutions. The very best  partners leverage all the tools at their disposal. But they are also constantly looking for new ways to maximise the potential of their operation and to surprise and delight their customers. With open feedback and communication, everybody learns, everybody improves and all of our customers benifit!



• 1 year license to sell under the Hempture brand
• 1 year Licence to sell all IIHA APPROVED Hemp products
• Hempture branded canvas pop-up tent(On loan)
• Hempture branded canvas table cloth (On loan)
• 4ft Fold up compact tables with handles x 2 (On loan)
• Pull-Up banner (On loan)
• Hempture branded jacket (On loan)
• A local area landline number (Which will be redirected to your mobile)
• Hempture official Personalised business card with your contact details x 500
• Official website listing on hempture.ie
• Hempture branded jacket (On loan)
• €250 credit to purchase from our wholesale website
• Support 6 days a week
• Marketing material
• Genuine Business Partnership  • Internationally known brand • Increased margin • Extensive brand portfolio • Professional marketing support • Online presence • Local focus, national support • White labelling possibility after 6 months trading.

Market equipment on loan is only supplied when distributor finds a suitable confirmed location.

If a franchise is not your thing maybe you would simply like to stock or resell products in your store or online?

Get in touch to express your interest. https://hempture.ie/contact

You will be authorised to distribute all largest IIHA APPROVED brands from Ireland, these include:
Lough Farm Extracts
CBD Nutrition Ireland
Loughfarm Extracts
More to come..

On loan items are only supplied if/when the franchise holder confirms that they have secured a suitable location, i.e a farmers market etc..



You can now officially join our team today. Be part of our forward thinking team and show the world the next step in human evolution – Hemp. We will handle operations and all the back office details leaving you to do what you do best – sell!

We provide you with Hempture products at wholesale prices and you resell and keep 100% of profits – its as simple as that.

The Hempture team is your team, our sales reps are given help and indept advice efficiently and  we give you your own personal Hempture advisor that will answer your questions and your clients questions via email on demand. Our international team consists of people with the highest academic degrees including Ph.D’s across many sectors.

Start selling Hempture products at your local market, its your choice, you choose your market, you already have a customer base? GREAT, this will suit you for a quick entry to market, our product needs no introduction, we need NO advertising.. become part of this revolution today.

Overall we request that you act honestly and professionally while dealing with clients and go the extra mile, we love what we do and we know you will too!

And always remember, we are not doctors and cannot offer medical advice!

Get in touch to express your interest. https://hempture.ie/contact

Start today.