In 2016 Hempture became the first company in Ireland to become IIHA APPROVED.

The Irish Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) approval provides quality assurance and its plays a fundamental role in promoting Hemp to the consumer within Ireland. The IIHA operates a series of quality assurance schemes for the CBD and Hemp industry. Our schemes are built on best practice in cultivation from seed to shelf.

IIHA members agree to uphold standards based around the ethos of fair trading conditions and ensuring they trade legally. No member of the IIHA must make medical claims nor provide medical or medicinal advice unless qualified to do so.

The IIHA APPROVED SEAL is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling HEMP products and services. For consumers, it is a simple and reliable guide to help them when they are shopping. With the IIHA APPROVED SEALcompanies promote transparency, quality and clarity. Standardised criteria and inspections ensure that the IIHA APPROVED SEAL is a unique seal of quality for HEMP products and services all across Ireland and Europe.

For you as a company, the IIHA APPROVED SEAL gives you that all-important competitive advantage over your rivals and helps to promote transparency. For your customers, the IIHA APPROVED SEAL is a simple and reliable guide to help them decide which products to buy.

IIHA APPROVED SEAL reserves the right to implement quality assurance measures aimed at safeguarding the credibility of and benefits promised by the IIHA APPROVED SEAL. Any ingredient changes or changes to the processes involved in producing the product carrying the seal must be reported. Once the company has declared the relevant changes, a new inspection is conducted.