Heal naturally with Hemp

At Hempture we truly believe as a human we are all morally entitled to know what enters our body and to judge whether we want to consume it or not.

Our mission is to grow, cultivate and extract Cannabinoids from organic hemp to produce herbal medicine, that is free from toxins, chemicals and preservatives. We believe that the power is in the whole hemp plant, which has the potential to create synergy and balance in the body. Your Endocannabinoid system has the power to heal from within.


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THE HEMPTURE CBD OIL CONNOISSEUR PACK gives you a selection of our 3 most popular Organic CBD oils. Save more than 25% by purchasing the HEMPTURE CBD OIL CONNOISSEUR PACK. MORE DETAILS: https://hempture.ie/shop/hempture-cbd-oil-connoisseur-pack/

Hempture Lip Balm [VIDEO]

Hempture Organic Hemp Lip Balm immediately moisturises the lips, leaving them in perfect condition. Hemp Oil has been described as nature’s most perfectly balanced oil. Its Rich in essential fatty acids and …


Now available in 1000ml bulk retail bottles. Hempture CBD oil is made from organically grown cannabis plants. This particular CBD oil has no THC. Hempture CBD oil and its packaging is …

HEMPCOIN goes physical!

An original collectors item – HEMPCOIN PHYSICAL EDITION VERY LIMITED EDITION.  ISSUED BY THE IRISH HEMPCOIN ASSOCIATION Every coin is made with attention to detail. This collectible is great for …

Dried Hemp Flowers

Direct from Hempture’s farm. This is an EU approved strain called Felina 32. Grown without the use of pesticides. The flowering tops are hand picked and naturally dried. The buds …