The doctors weren’t too sure what it was…

We are amazed and truly delighted with these results!

Below are images of this young boy from Northern Ireland.

His parents contacted us desperately looking for something that would help their son with this dreadful skin condition. We suggested to try our Hempture Hemp Salve.. the pictures below speak for themselves.

Their son was on various medicines/creams and NONE of them worked. Its not an understatement to say that within days of using our salve they seen a massive improvement utill the point that his skin condition disappeared COMPLETELY!

This is exactly why we do what we do, your health is your wealth, take care of your body, and that means not ingesting toxic synthetic chemicals masquerading as medicines. Treat your body as a temple with natural remedies and you will reap the benefits.

EMAIL FROM HIS PARENTS Dated: 2020-04-27 19:21
Hi Jess

Here are the photos of his face
It’s amazing

The doctors weren’t too sure what it was.. Said it was like impetigo but they were never 100% sure.

He had;
*fucidin  20mg/g ointment
*clotrimazole 1% w/w cream
*daktarin AKTIV cream (used for athletes foot)
He also had antibiotic medicine too but can’t remember the name

Lynsey & Jim”

(All information has been documented and can be verified)
(The product used was Hempture Hemp salve)