01 Oct

Hempture sponsorship for Boxer Tony McGlynn

New to the scene pro Tony McGlynn has set the Irish title as his first professional target.

Tony has teamed up Pete Taylor down at the Colosseum Gym and has elected to ditch the vest.

The Intermediate middleweight champion was one of four Taylor fighters to join up with Boxing Ireland and is now one of five of the Colossuem team working with Stephen Sharpe and Leonard Gunning.

Tony Mcglynn
Professional boxer🇮🇪☘️
Trained by @petetaylorboxing 
Sponsored by:

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone at @hemptureofficial for coming on board with my journey and helping me out for fight camps.

Supplying me with a lot of quality cbd products to help me with recovering after training can’t thank them enough for helping me out.Anyone looking for any cbd products get onto them🙌🏼

Don’t miss Tonys next event in Belfast – Saturday 12th October Devenish Complex!





29 Jun

Hempture 10% / 1000mg CBD Extract oil – 10ml

🇮🇪 We have a long awaited addition to our range… This is one product many of you have been always asking for… After recent improvements with cultivation techniques we have now produced our first 10% FULL SPECTRUM #CBD extract… Made in #Ireland, including the packaging! 🌱 It’s Raw, Organic, Vegan, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free and #IIHA APPROVED. Packed full of #Cannabinoids 🌱#madeinireland🍀

04 Jun

Hempland opens new flagship CBD store in Dublin, Ireland!

4th June 2019 – NEW IN IRELAND!!!!
With a 200k investment Hempland have opened their new IIHA APPROVED flagship store in Dublin, Ireland, right in the heart of the city and are stocking the full and complete range of Hempture products and some exclusives also!

Hempland have opened their first of 5 new retail store in Ireland.

-They are given away a free 10ml bottle of their new Hempland vape E-liquid for the first 500 customers!

-In-store sampling of all Hempture products is available 6 days a week, just ask!

-Hempland are dedicated to supporting Irish Hemp and we are delighted to have they on board as our official HEMPTURE PLATINUM DISTRIBUTOR

Visit: www.Hempland.ie 

17 May

LEMON Pollen CBD Hash

Another fine example of Irish produce from our cultivation partners in Lough Farm Extracts. Lab testing provided by hemp–test.com, view CoA below.

What came first… lemon or limonene? Lemon-named cannabis strains tend to have a citrus aroma and flavor, so it’s natural to assume that most, or even all strains in the “Lemon” family contain high levels of the terpene limonene, a compound commonly associated with citrus aromas and stress relief.

It’s the taste of citrus reminds you of bright summer days... It’s the color yellow that you associate with #feelgood vibes. If you’re looking for an uplifting, limonene-fueled high, it makes sense to assume that Lemon strains will provide you with this coveted and cheery terpene.

MORE DETAILS HERE https://hempture.ie/shop/lemon-pollen-cbd-hash-1-gram/

09 Feb


  • hemptureofficial  STOP THE VAT INCREASE. 🇮🇪 #food is #medicine 🌱 #Hemp #CBD#Cannabis Our government have pulled the wool over your eyes for so long, it’s time to do your part and show others the truth. Your health should not be taxed. In #IrelandRevenue have tried to sneak in a 23% #VATincrease next month on food #supplementswhile TOXIC Pharmaceuticals are allowed free rein to destroy our immune system. Such a coincidence when Cannabis and #Hemp are coming to the forefront, they fought it for so long, and now when the battle has been lost they are trying to take control of the market when all along this “plant” was “bad” The people have the power and this will show very soon. Bring the fight to the doorstep of your GP (Local legal drug dealer) who in implicit in this situation, they are the ones who will benefit from this when people can’t afford natural medicine. ✅ HEMPTURE WILL NOT INCREASE RETAIL PRICING. #hempture Begin with a visit to: www.stopthisvat.ie

To protest this we have 23% OFF during the month of Feb 2018, simply enter ‘HEMP23’ at checkout to get a MASSIVE 23% OFF!!


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