Official Hempture Hemp CBD Lab Results

Here are Hempture HQ we truly believe as a human we are all morally entitled to know what enters our body and to judge whether we want to consume it or not. This is why Hempture CBD oil is sent for independent cannabinoid testing to Fundación CANNA which is one of the most advanced and internationally recognised laboratories in the world  for HPLC analysis.

The potency of  the CBD oil its cannabinoid profile, is another important value to understand what is consumed and how it could possibly affect your body. CBD is been used more and more  by people for medicinal purposes and we want to bring you the highest standard while providing you with the assurance of its contents and quality.

Hemp cannabinoids produced by the plant come in acid form. By applying heat produces transforms acid cannabinoids into neutral ones. This process is called decarboxylation.  HPLC analysis allows to identify the major cannabinoids present in a sample, both acids and neutrals. We test for both acidic and neutral cannabinoids including CBDA, CBGA, THCA, CBD, CBG, THC and CBN.


The cannabinoids produced by the plant are in an acidic state. When heat is applied to them, or by the action of UV light, these cannabinoids transform into their neutral form. This process is known as decarboxilation. In this way, when Cannabis is smoked or vaporised, a considerable amount of the cannabinoids present change into their neutral form. However, if the sample is, for example, ingested, as no heat has been applied, the acidic cannabinoids will remain in their original state.

You might ask, How does Fundación CANNA ensure the accuracy of its tests?
Fundación CANNA carries out tests on the most advanced machinery hat allows for very detailed and reliable results. Every sample is triple checked to guarantee its quality.

Fundación CANNA works by the standards set by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Each sample is analyzed at three different concentrations which allows us to verify that the results are reliable and offer very low limits of quantification. Before and during the analysis, samples with known levels of cannabinoids are analyzed to ensure that the operation of the machine is correctly.

Liquid chromatography does not use heat, so it is possible to identify and quantify both acidic and neutral cannabinoids. This is the most powerful method, as it shows the real content of cannabinoids present in the sample.

On the 7th September 2016 our lab results arrived. The CBD extract derived from our 2016 batch was sent for official independent testing, the official results are published below. 

Batch 0116 – Hempture-Batch-0116-COA (PDF 139KB)

Please note: Some lab reports/CoAs are only supplied when an legal NDA has been signed and received. Updated lab results maybe available on request.