We began our journey into Hemp in 1995 when we were gifted what we now believe to be the first ever sample of CBD in Ireland. Since then we have worked tirelessly to built what is now known as Irelands 1st ever Organic CBD brand – Hempture.

20 YEARS LATER.. In 2015 we officially brought our first product to market and we have been blown away by what some of our clients tell us. We are truly in tears when we hear how it has helped some people. Here are Hempture HQ we truly believe as a human we are all morally entitled to know what enters our body and to judge whether we want to consume it or not.

We really believe that CBD oil should be available to everyone regardless of economic restriction and we will be introducing a program that will enable people with limited financial resources to obtain Hempture CBD oil at greatly reduced cost. One way of been automatically entered into this program is to ‘tell your story”

Our aptly fitting motto is simply; Choose Nature, Choose Hemp, Choose CBD, Choose Wisely.. Choose Hempture.

If you have used Hempture CBD we would love to hear your story and how it has helped you,  please get in touch via Twitter or email. Its time for the world to begin to understand the true potential of Hemp and CBD. Let nature speak for itself..


From Sinead Conneely
To [email protected]
Date 10:38AM – 26/OCT/2016


I am just writing to add a testimonial to your collection! Our son is 14 years old, severely autistic, non-verbal and he had become very aggressive and unhappy over the last year, in particular. Living with him had become very difficult and trying for all of our family, with daily physical assaults on us for no apparent reason. I decided to try a cbd oil from the US which I sourced in the UK because of some reports online from other parents in a similar situation and the effect on him was remarkable and instantaneous. He was markedly happier, less aggressive and in better control of his outbursts.

We were delighted to find an Irish source, and switched him over last week. Although completely non-verbal, he had learned to communicate using a letter board before he became too out of control to use it. His tutor comes from England a couple of times a year and we happened to have a session on Friday so she asked him to tell her about his experience with CBD.

He said that he is doing much better, the new oil he is taking (yours!) is very strong, but he likes that about it….the stronger the better (his expression). When he is older he would like to sell CBD oil because it is a way to help people to feel better, he would like to sell it all over the world and his business would be called ‘Herb man’. He would only employ his family but it would be a non-profit because the most important thing in life is helping other people.

I don’t think that anyone could understand what it means to us to have found something to make him feel happier and calmer, better about himself and more in control of his emotions and body. We were in despair and now we can see a life ahead that is normal by our standards. My sister was schizophrenic and she committed suicide so I could not bring myself to put him on anti- psychotic medication, our only other option. I knew too much about how it made her feel. We literally had nowhere to turn when we found CBD. I have given your leaflet to our tutor to take back to families in England whose autistic children are on cbd and have problems with supply now due to the re-classification as a medicine.

Please accept sincere and heartfelt thanks from us!
Sinead Conneely, mother of Caomhan Murphy, delighted customer!

Via Email
From: Dana Thuillier Date: 12/SEPT/2016
…having fantastic results with the oil for our son who has ~Autism, I have managed to toilet train him since starting the oil, (something I honestly thought would never be possible) his understanding has improved dramatically, and he is so much more interactive with everyone around him, he’s non verbal and has started to make lots of di erent sounds, amazing! and now we are totally out, I really should have ordered it sooner to avoid this….

Thanks for the update, I appreciate that and completely understand, I have 3 kids myself

tnx Dana

Via Twitter
Date: 24/OCT/2016

@dowling_angela Angie Mc Dowling

Started 2 wks ago for fibromyalgia, fatigue, RLS and IBD. I’ve reduced pain meds, energy levels, sleep and mood improved. @Hempture