• hemptureofficial  STOP THE VAT INCREASE. 🇮🇪 #food is #medicine 🌱 #Hemp #CBD#Cannabis Our government have pulled the wool over your eyes for so long, it’s time to do your part and show others the truth. Your health should not be taxed. In #IrelandRevenue have tried to sneak in a 23% #VATincrease next month on food #supplementswhile TOXIC Pharmaceuticals are allowed free rein to destroy our immune system. Such a coincidence when Cannabis and #Hemp are coming to the forefront, they fought it for so long, and now when the battle has been lost they are trying to take control of the market when all along this “plant” was “bad” The people have the power and this will show very soon. Bring the fight to the doorstep of your GP (Local legal drug dealer) who in implicit in this situation, they are the ones who will benefit from this when people can’t afford natural medicine. ✅ HEMPTURE WILL NOT INCREASE RETAIL PRICING. #hempture Begin with a visit to:

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