Hempture PRO CBD Vape Kit – REPLACEMENT POD – Buy 1 get 1 FREE


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An original Hempture replacement POD for the Hempture PRO CBD VAPE KIT

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An original replacement Hempture pod for your Hempture PRO Vape kit.

The new Hempture PRO CBD Vape Kit provides you with everything you need to start enjoying CBD as soon as you open up the box.

This is the worlds best CBD vaping kit. With its contoured dimensions and advanced design this spectacular piece of engineering has took over 1 year in R&D. Its imposing exterior has a certain brutish elegance that lends this pen a certain authority.

A truly spectacular and impeccable finish using the very highest quality of material we could source. Hempture PROFESSIONAL CBD Vape Kit is the most advanced CBD vaping system to be released to date. Custom designed from scratch with Cannabidiol vaping its primary function.

The level of refinement to every aspect must been seen to be believed, you must experience it for yourself to truly understand when we have achieved.

With an industry leading materials and a temperature settings highly optimised for CBD oil, the Hempture PRO Vape Oil Kit is guaranteed to give you the best possible CBD vaping experience.

Regular vape pens burn at a higher temperature, which will produce carcinogens and ruin the taste when used for CBD. But not ours! — we designed this from the ground up to be your trusted source specifically for CBD. You’ll never burn your Cannabidiol again!

Our Vape Kit conforms to strictest attention to quality and detail, combining ultra-sleek looks with a compact body & premium materials. The kit is very cutting-edge, combining extreme usability with forward-thinking tool-kits and technologies.

The Hempture team realised that most vape pens tend to be calibrated for higher temperatures than CBD requires. Regular e-liquids need that higher temperature to vaporize completely, but when CBD is subjected to the same temperature they burn and produce harmful carcinogens. To counteract this, we designed this Vape Oil Kit to work at temperatures that ensure the very best CBD vaping experience available for you.

Ireland’s first IIHA APPROVED vaping kit for CBD.
www.IIHA.ie (Irish Industrial Hemp Association)

Instruction manual:
Download PDF here

Package contains:
POD x 1