Irish Kush Organic HEMP CBD Buds/Flowers – NOW IN IRELAND!!!!

Our first bud cuttings from the 2018  IRISH  KUSH crop have just been hand delivered by our partners in LOUGH FARM ? The VERY high quality, NEW outdoor, organically grown CBD strain is one of the most beautiful examples of what can be accomplished with stringent standards and care. ? <0.2% THC and approx 15-20% #cannabinoid content to meet #EU restrictions it packs a nice punch! ? It has a very nice pungent, Earthy kush type of aroma so we are calling it “IrishKush” ? ?

Its an outdoor grown strain with slightly earthy and very sweet aromas reminding us of the famous Californian OG Kush or purple Kush. This variety is particularly distinguishable by its purplish color that gives it a dark appearance. This herb will give you a delicious feeling of lightness. This CBD-rich delight has been grown with passion by a team of experts.

It’s the very first of its kind in Ireland,  It’s IIHA approved and lab tested by #EIRLAB. ✅ We have high demand for this product and its in very limited supply!