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Advancements in the Age of Cannabis: The summit was held on the 14th of September in Smock Alley Theatre in the heart of Dublin just beside the Dublin City council offices.


Hailing from the worlds of science, government, business and campaigning, The Hempture Team was invited to participate with international speakers. We spoke with innovators in the field of science, policy and business of medical cannabis. Including some home grown talent the list of speakers included:

Chair: Dr. Henry Fisher (Policy Director at VolteFace, UK)
Dr. Catherine Jacobson (Chief Scientist at Tilray, Canada)
Dr. Arno Hazekamp (Chief Scientist at Bedrocan, Netherlands)
Dr. Mike Barnes (Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation, Newcastle University, UK)

Chair: Tim Colbourne (Director, Open Reason, UK)
Dr Ingo Michels (Head of Unit, Office of Federal Drug Commissioner, Ministry of Health, Germany)
Jindřich Vobořil (National Drug Co-ordinator, Czech Republic)
Professor Ognjen Brborovic (Chairman, Committee for Medical Cannabis, Croatia)
[Campaigning] A Very Modern Romance. Campaigning & the Mainstream Media
Renowned advocates discuss medical cannabis campaigning in the mainstream media. The focus is on stories and experiences that are shaping the public opinion of medical cannabis.

Chair: Charlo Greene (The Charlo Greene Show, USA)
Steph Sherer (Executive Director, Americans for Safe Access, USA)
Tom Curran (European Coordinator, Exit International, Ireland)
Faye Jones (Chief Administrator, United Patients Alliance, UK)
Ben Morgan (Comedian, blogger and cancer patient, Ireland)
Stuart Harper (Political Lobbying Director, NORML, UK)
Clark French (Director, United Patients Alliance, UK)
Sean Carney (Leafly’s European Editor, Czech Republic)

Chair: Zack Hutson (Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Privateer Holdings, USA)
Valerie Corral (Executive Director, Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, USA)
Tjalling Erkelens (Chief Executive Officer, Bedrocan, Netherlands)
David Schacter (CEO and Co-Founder of Cannabiscope, Israel)
Dr Shane Morris (Vice President, Quality Assurance and Scientific Affairs, Hydropothecary Inc, Canada)
Joel Stanley (CEO of CW Hemp, USA)
Charlo Greene (Founder, The Alaska Cannabis Club, USA)