Hempture Custom Glass CBD bottles

Our custom made #Hempture glass bottles are made using ancient techniques. Egyptians were the first to produce hollow glass containers in about 1500 BC, using them as ornaments and oils.

✅ As of late 2020 our bottles are now produced using nearly 100% recycled glass from around the EU.

✅ We work very close with our packaging manufacturer to help further reduce our waste. Our glass bottles are made from four main ingredients: sand, soda ash, limestone and other additives for colour or special treatments. Although there is no shortage of these raw materials as yet, they all have to be quarried, using up natural resources and energy for extraction and processing.

✅ The images show the latest version of our 2ml MINI bottles with the modern #Hempture company logo. This particular bottle is used for our #CBD oil samples – currently available in concentrations of 3%, 5%, 5% THC FREE, 5% MCT, 10% and 25%.

Order a 2ml MINI sample here – https://hempture.ie/product-category/cbd-oil-drops-2ml/