Hempture CBD oil product & packaging upgrade

We are excited to introduce the new and improved range of #Hempture #CBD oils.

✅ We have redesigned the packaging of the entire range, both the labels and outer boxes are made in #Ireland and are 100% recyclable.

✅ Much of our pricing is been reduced, including our regular CBD oils and vape liquids.

✅ We have 3 new 10ml additions which include a 5% RAW CBD oil, a 5% #THC FREE CBD oil and also a 5% #MCT CBD oil.

In addition we have 5 new 50ml CBD oils which include 5% RAW CBD oil, a 5% #THC FREE CBD oil, a 5% #MCT CBD oil, a 10% CBD and a 25% CBD oil.

We are are also introducing a 6 new BULK 1000ml bottles with the same concentrations as above.

✅ The extract inside is still the same beautiful organic plant medicine you have all come to love but we have managed to improve the consistency and potency through newly modified extraction methods, which in this case doesn’t include winterisation. Because of the improved efficiency across our whole process from seed to shelf we have also managed to significantly reduce production costs which will be reflected in the new #lower price point of our entire CBD oil range once it hits the shelves which we expect to see about mid March.

✅ From our non stop research and analysis of effectiveness of the oil over the last 6 years we have decided to modify the suggested dosage of each product, while CBD oil dosage hasn’t been officially standardised in the true sense within the EU, this is one step further towards a true understanding of how the human body reacts to #cannabinoids. Our decision to modify the dosage hasn’t been taken lightly, a collective decision from a panel of experts both from within our company and external brought us to this conclusion after crunching the data. It has been the latest most advanced study of #cannabinoids in Ireland from over 5 years of usage among our client base, and we believe it stands to benefit everyone.

✅ We will also be operating a return scheme whereby you can return your old unused/unopened bottle of #Hempture CBD oil and we will replace it with the new edition. *More details on this in due course.

✅ This is just a small part of our revamp, we have more advancements to share with you within the next 2 months including no less than another 10 new Hempture #CBD products!

✅ We have opened up our distribution account applications once again, if you want to stock the #Hempture range of products get in touch to discuss the possibility [email protected]

✅ #Made in Ireland