Cannabis Advertising Breaking through in Ireland.

Over the past few years, cannabis advertising has been a brave new world for CBD producers, up until the end of 2019 were still testing the waters on what’s legal, what isn’t, and when to toe the line.

All that has changed for the better in 2020 particularly with the recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) 

In Ireland until this day most cannabis advertising has been fairly conservative, and that’s understandable. This is new territory, and startup brands don’t want to waste money on marketing techniques that could get them in trouble or be misconstrued, we tend to disagree with advertising standards, its time to break the mould, so we are going to have big impact with our billboards we have planned for around Ireland whether you like like or not.

We are shocked that in this day and age this famous ‘leaf’ still offends people, if you are one of them people that is offended by nature then please visit this page to complain:

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Hempture Billboard, Palmerstown (also known as Palmerston) Dublin, Ireland

Hempture Billboard, N4 Outbound, Liffey Vally, Dublin, Ireland

Hempture Billboard, Jervis Street, Dublin 1, Ireland