04 Mar

Hempture products feature in Rude Health Magazine!!

Hempture products feature in Rude Health Magazine!!

See pages 5 & 12. Rude Health magazine is distributed nationwide and is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores. Read Online Here

Competitions: Click here to enter the Rude Health prize draws to win some Hempture Goodies & more..

The new issue is now out get yours for free from your local Irish Association of Health Stores member shop or read on our website: http://rudehealthmagazine.ie/
Our main features this issue are:
– We announce the winners of the Rude Health Magazine Awards and the voting prize winner
– We interview to TV3 star Ruth O’Neill & she shares her healthy lifestyle tips
– We talk with medicinal chef Dale Pinnock about getting back to food basics
– Try out some delicious diabetes-friendly recipes
– Women’s health special – packed with expert advice for all ages
– The staff of Adare Health Foods Store and Wellness Centre and of Natural Choice, Stonetown, review the products they sell
– Independent health store advice on allergies, hay fever and sinus issues from Down To Earth Dublin
– Nutritionist and CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine Ireland graduate Lorraine Whelan’s recipe for a versatile yellow curry paste
… plus health news, health events, competitions and much much more. Happy reading!

08 Dec

NEW – Hempture CBD Suppositories (10pk)

Hempture CBD Suppositories 


We have been working hard over the last few months to bring these much requested CBD suppositories to the Irish market.

Hempture CBD Suppositories are an excellent way to obtain the benefits of hemp CBD, thanks to higher bioavailability and absorption rates when compared to other methods of hemp CBD administration.

The extracts produced by Hempture are grown in Ireland & the EU without the use of any pesticides and herbicides. Our strict organic production allows our CBD oil to be of the highest quality and that is guaranteed fact.

There are many benefits to administration of Hempture CBD via suppository use when compared to other administration methods, including bypassing the first metabolization in the liver, and as an alternative method when oral intake may be restricted for various reason. FULL DETAILS HERE

28 Nov

The IRISH EXAMINER – “CBD oil saved daughter’s life” says Irish mother of Dravet syndrome sufferer.

CBD oil saved daughter’s life, says Irish mother of Dravet syndrome sufferer.

Ava, which is aged 6, from Co Cork, Ireland, suffers from a very rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome.

Vera began giving Ava cannabidiol (CBD) oil at the start of October to treat her seizures and found she had just seven over the month, this is a reduction of between 80% and 90%.

Many people are under the impression that the only way to acquire cannabidiol oil for themselves or a loved one is to move to certain countries and get on the waiting lists for CBD from dispensaries and such.

Many big news outlets are misinformed and are unfortunately spreading this idea, that you can only get CBD in the countries where medical marijuana has been legalized. This is simply not the case though, because Hempture CBD is available in Ireland.

This article was published in the Irish Examnier Friday, November 25, 2016


Image screenshot: Irish Examiner

19 Nov

Nov 2016 – The New range of Hempture Hemp CBD products

Guys, Take a look at the new range of Hempture Hemp CBD products now available in Ireland for the 1st time in history: www.Hempture.ie/shop/

Hempture are the first and largest manufacturer and distributor of legal cannabis oil in the Ireland.

Here are Hempture HQ we truly believe as a human we are all morally entitled to know what enters our body and to judge whether we want to consume it or not. This is why Hempture CBD oil is sent for independent cannabinoid testing to Fundación CANNA which is one of the most advanced and internationally recognised laboratories in the world for HPLC analysis.

17 Nov

We are delighted to announce Hempture CBD Capsules!

Guys, We are truly delighted to announce Hempture CBD Capsules. After a few months in production Hempture CBD capsules become a reality.

Hempture CBD capsules are great for people on the go of travelling. Each capsule contains 10mg and are completely THC free. You will be glad to know that Hempture CBD capsules are Vegan, Halal, Kosher and Gluten-free. Hempture CBD capsules are Independently lab tested. Our laboratory premises are HACCP and GMP compliant.

While some people prefer Hempture CBD oil, the Capsules offer a convenient way to take CBD as they are very easy to swallow, in addition they are completely Non-GMO, odourless, tasteless and vegetarian!


Each container has 30 capsules, each with 10mg of CBD, (Total 300mg).  For convenience this is exactly the same amount of CBD as in the Hempture CBD oil 10ml bottle, and even with extra production costs it has been priced the same for excellent value at only €34 🙂

We have also reintroduced the 5 bottle bulk purchase here. In addition, 99% Pure CBD isolate in now available in 1000mg sizes.

The extracts produced by Hempture are grown in Ireland & the EU without the use of any pesticides and herbicides. Our strict organic production allows our CBD oil to be of the highest quality and that is guaranteed fact.

Best Regards. The Hempture Team.

More Details.

Hempture Hemp CBD Capsules (300mg Cannabidiol)

10 Nov

Hempture CBD oil – New batch now shipping!

Hempture CBD – New batch now shipping!

Guys, As of 10/11/16 we have now started shipping a new batch of Organic Hempture CBD oil(Batch number 216), in addition, all Hempture CBD oil is now been shipped in new and updated packaging and bottle labels. We hope you like it, we do!

Best Regards, The Hempture Team. www.Hempture.ie



08 Nov

Hempture CBD Oil – Its all boxed up!

Guys, its been quite an ordeal looking for a reliable supplier of high quality, low cost packing for Hempture CBD oil, but we are thankful our guys  have managed to produce and design a great product.

One might say that with new fancy packaging the cost of Hempture CBD will rise.. well, in fact, we have lowered the price from €44.95 down to €34.00 :)

At Hempture it’s not just our organic CBD extract that make us special, it’s the people who bring it to the masses. They are carefully chosen for their approach in this area of expertise, enthusiasm and belief in this true wonder of nature – Hemp.

The extracts produced by Hempture are grown in Ireland & the EU without the use of any pesticides and herbicides. Our strict organic production allows our CBD oil to be of the highest quality and that is guaranteed fact.

Our CBD crystal is produced in a laboratory premises that is HACCP & GMP compliant, In addition we are proud to say the CBD crystal production line is currently in the process of ISO9001 certification!

Oh, i nearly forgot. If you looking to make an order you can enter code “HEMPTUREVIP” for a discount at checkout 🙂  Regards Jessica.


Our new packaging arrived today and we are very happy with the finished box! Take a look below:

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-05-30 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-05-54 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-06-10 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-06-16 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-06-24 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-06-36 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-06-44 screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-17-06-51


03 Oct

New Irish Hempture CBD Oil Stockist announced.


We have been working very hard over the last few years and we would like to TRULY thank everyone who has helped on our journey to bring Organic Hempture CBD oil to the Irish masses, from the very beginning on the farm to the actual product launch it has been a labour of love! 🙂 With our first minor step completed we have now moved onto physical stores stocking Official Hempture products in Ireland.


The first 3 official Hempture stockist to make history in Ireland are located in Wicklow, Wexford and Cork, with  more to be announced. You can now purchase Hempture CBD oil from the following stockist.



MORE DETAILS: https://hempture.ie/stockist/ 

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