Hempture CBD Vape Starter Kit (B)


Hempture CBD Vape Kit

Comes with a 200mg CBD Vape e-liquid worth €29

Use this specific Hempture vape kit to start Vaping our 100% ORGANIC CBD.  The CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into your bloodstream. Start your journey into health today.

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Hempture CBD Vape Kit

The new Hempture CBD Vape starter kit comes with everything you need to get started with vaping our organic CBD.

SPECIAL OFFER – WILL END SOON – BONUS: This includes a 10ml bottle of our organic  200mg CBD e-liquid. (Value €29) 

Designed for your convenience, the CBD vape kit is easy to take with you and use anytime, anywhere that vaping is allowed. Comes in a handy storage box with the Hempture logo.

Each puff delivers pure organic CBD.

● No button just inhale and enjoy!

● Long battery life, giving you over 100 inhalations

● Fast and easy re-charging in any USB port (30 minutes)

● 3.2 volt setting allows for a heavier draw with maximum vapor

Take small inhalations. If a inhalation is any larger than 4 seconds it has the potential to burn the oil which can damage the CBD molecules.


Pull and twist the mouthpiece. You will see a rubber piece, pull that out too and squeeze the CBD liquid into cartridge.

IMPORTANT: When filling the vape tank with oil make sure to insert the small rubber part back into the hole to stop the oil from leaking out.


Vape pen specs:
Net weight: 20g
Battery capacity: 280mAh rechargeable battery
Battery Led: red
Length of battery: 85mm
Diamater: 9.6mm


Hempture CBD Vape Kit x 1
Hempture Hemp CBD Vape E-Liquid (200mg CBD) 10ml x 1